Children’s Adventure Camp – Space Program
Childrens Adventure Camp


Let your child join the Space Program and get a chance to camp at a space observatory and real time experience on Survival, Stargazing and Astro Navigation.

Come see the wonders of the Universe like the Nebulas, rings of Saturn, moons of Jupiter and enormous craters of our moon among other gems in the night sky. You can also see the Sun and observe solar flares and sun spots with the help of safest solar filters.


3 days 2 nights of exciting Space experiments –
Stargazing – Telescope making – Rocket making and launching .. lots more..



children's adventure campWe believe in presenting abundance of opportunities to our younger generations. With the current space race and pace with which space travel and technology is advancing, we intend to provide a platform for dreams and support young minds that believe they can make an impact in their modern and demanding industry.

We have observed that, irrespective of the language or social background, when you make  own rocket and launch it, everyone reacts in the exact same excitement.

Children's Adventure Camp- Space ProgramThrough an immersive experience of astronomy and space science workshops, students are introduced to creative thinking, innovation and exploration. This module helps them to apply their knowledge. The challenges are strategically placed so that it provokes critical thinking by combining inquiry and creativity led interactions.

Children's Adventure Camp- Space ProgramWe strongly believe that hands-on learning teaches us more than any classroom education. All activities in this program are designed with this in mind and we focus on letting the child experience the activities, reflect on them, form their own concepts and experimenting with the application of those concepts.


Children's Adventure Camp- Space ProgramAll the activities are based on the concept of Experiential Learning Technology, which means, all the activities are hands-on and learning based. Children get to explore possibilities on their own with expert guidance from our team.
Children's Adventure Camp- Space Program

India’s First Public Access Observatory is setup, on the hills of Panchgani , near Mahableshwar in Maharashtra , that’s where our campsite is going to be.


Children's Adventure Camp- Space Program


– Observatory and Space Museum tour

– Crew assembly training: Simulated critical problem solving astronaut training.

– Telescope Making – Understand principles of telescope and make your own telescopes for observation.

– Gas Rocketry – Experiment with Rocket fuel and launch rockets 20ft

– Air Rocketry – Prepare Model rockets and launch them up to 150ft

– Astro Food – Understand nutrition requirements in Space and how food is carried.

– Create a Rover Model for Planetary Exploration and test it.

– Sun-scope – Observe the sun, its dark spots and solar flares using safest techniques.

– Sundial – Understand the concept of a sundial and how our ancestors told time.

– Soda Straw Rocket – Make small and accurate paper rockets and aim at a small target.

– Astro Agility Course – A glimpse of real Astronaut training activity

– Weather Station – Observe and understand the weather station and its uses.

– Star Gazing – A mesmerizing session about mythology – stories the stars tell us.

– Telescope Observation – Observe Stars and Planets through different types of telescopes.



Zip line, Trekking, Commando Obstacles, Ropes Workshop, Wilderness Survival Workshop and lots more…


Participants include all children between age group of 8 to 14 yrs.

*Parents & maids not allowed in this camp.

*This is a Coed camp- Girls & Boys together


Camp dates:  2020

March: 28th

April: 24th

May: 25th

June: 1st

 Camp duration:  3 days 2 nights

Camp location:

Panchgani, Near Mahbleshwar , Maharashtra.


The campsites is located on top of a hill at 3000m  msl and is well equipped with up-to-date staying facilities, good quality food freshly cooked at the premises, hygienic drinking water facilities and bunch of efficient support staff.



A non-ac bus would be arranged to transfer the children from Mumbai to Panchgani and back.


Cost per child would be Rs. 9000  + 5% GST


Cost would include:

Accommodation in tents, all vegetarian meals, transportation to the campsite and back, all equipment required for adventure& Space program activities, first aid, LAFL coordinator assistance, guide & instructors.

Cost would exclude:

Personal items like clothing, footwear, toiletries, and fine art accessories, insurance of any kind.


Payment Details

Online Payment can be done through our website payment gateway (CC Avenue) via Credit or Debit cards & Net Transfer.

Online Payment link:

IMPS or NEFT can be done to our bank account.

Bank name: NKGSB

a/c name:  Life Away From Life

a/c no: 010110100005551

a/c branch: CBD Belapur

a/c type : current

IFSC code: NKGS0000010



  • Trained and experienced coordinators to handle the group.
  • Female coordinators for girls
  • This camp has a limit of 40 so be sure to register early.
  • Healthy vegetarian meals will be provided, no junk food allowed.
  • No mobile phone & electronic games allowed.
  • Daily Instagram live broadcast of events and daily life of their child in the camp , for parents would be done.
  • Separate toilets & bathrooms for girls & boys (children would be assisted by female & male coordinators from LAFL).
  • Completion certificates would be awarded to all children.
  • Camp leader: Mr Prateek Deo – Mountaineering Graduate from HMI Darjeeling , and over 15 years experience in conducting Adventure Camps for children.
  • All activities mentioned, would be under the guidance of Mr Prateek Deo, and assisted by his qualified team of coordinators.
  • During all activities female students would have a female coordinator to help them with.
  • High Standard, Tested, mountaineering equipment’s would be used for all activities.
  • We would maintain strict discipline in regards to hygiene, behavior & punctuality.



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Instagram:  lafl_admin

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What’s app: +91 7718058351


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