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Space Camp near Mumbai

Step into Life Away From Life’s Space Camp,  our celestial program situated in the outskirts of Mumbai.

Set against a serene hilltop backdrop, this Space Camp offers unspoiled landscapes, undisturbed by city lights, providing optimal conditions for stargazing amidst lush flora and fauna.

At Life Away From Life , we are dedicated to nurturing a fascination for astronomy and kindling the curiosity of the next generation of stargazers. 

Our interactive programs cater to both school children and adults, providing captivating visual introductions to the night sky. From observing the sun, planets, stars, distant galaxies, to exploring nebulae, our immersive experiences combine live observations, enlightening lectures, and engaging videos. 

Our ultimate goal is to imprint a profound and enduring impact on the minds of the future, offering an enlightening, educational, and transformative journey that will forever alter their perspective on themselves and their connection to the vast universe. 

Join us for an exploration that transcends the ordinary – where discovery knows no bounds.

Program Highlights 

  • Observation of the Sun using Ha filter 
  • Introduction to the night sky
  • Videos & Lectures
  • Exploring Plants , Nebulae & Clusters
  • Insight into deep space
  • Astrophotography tips 
  • Interesting interactive discussions with experts


What age group is the program designed for?

Our program is inclusive of all age groups. Surprisingly, an eight-year-old participant has raised thought-provoking questions during the one-hour lecture. The excitement of peering through the telescopes is a universal joy, transcending age boundaries and sparking wonder in everyone.

Is transportation included?

Transportation is not provided, but we can help organize a local cab or auto-rickshaw tailored to your requirements. Please note that this cost is separate from the ₹1800 package and will be your responsibility.

How to reach the camp site ?

    • You can drive your vehicle to the camp site – parking space is available.
    • The nearest railway station is Asangaon. (Central Railway). We can arrange for taxi or auto till the camp site.
    • We can arrange for a pvt. vehicle from Mumbai , or alternatively arrange for a mini bus if the participants are around 10 people.


We provide various accommodation choices, including AC dormitories, bunk beds, and tents, subject to availability. Well-maintained washrooms with distinct facilities for both women and men, coupled with access to potable water, guarantee a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Customised group trip

For groups exceeding six individuals, we can customize the program to be held on your preferred dates

Contact :

for more details whats app or call us on +91 7718058351


Day 1 - Arrival at Campsite

  • Arrival at campsite by 4pm
  • Introduction & stay allocation ( dormitory beds- Male/female separate)
  • Evening Tea & Snacks
  • Observation & viewing of the Sun
  • Participants will be shown the Telescopes and other instruments in the observatory and their functions and features will be explained.
  • Interesting lecture on Astronomy
  • Observation commences as each carefully selected object for the night is presented. Participants will initially view the object with the naked eye before it is projected onto a large screen, accompanied by a detailed description.
  • Dinner break
  • Observation initiates and can extends into the late hours past midnight.
  • Campfire with interesting discussions of the days observations.
  • Sleep time

Day 2- Departure

  • Morning tea
  • Early morning hike to a beautiful lake nearby the camp
  • Breakfast
  • Viewing the Sun
  • Departure – trip ends
  • Dates for 2024

    Every weekend  Sat-Sun from Jan to May  & Oct to Dec

    Cost Includes
    Meals : evening Snacks & Tea, Dinner & Breakfast
    Stay in ac Dorm beds ( separate for Male/Female)
    Space program ( as in the itinerary)
    Cost Excludes
    Trave to campsite & back
    Day 1 breakfast & lunch
    all beverages
    All not mentioned in the ‘Included’ section
    Space Camp by Life away from life