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Children’s Trek

Nature play gives kids these kinds of indelible memories and influences openness to new adventures and ideas. The experiences we have as children shape our lives. The positive ones fuel our future interests and passions.

The long-term impact of short term experiences, such as those inherent in nature play, can be vast.

Lets take our kids and trek with the butterflies 🙂

About The Childrens Trek

Children’s butterfly trek to Ransai Forest. Ransai is a combination of two words ‘Ran’
means forest and ‘Sai’ means six. Ransai is a collection of six villages situated in the
Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Panvel. The trail starting is just opposite the entrance gate of
Karnala fort trek.
This easy and safe trail makes its way through thick forest reserve lands , which offers a spectacular view of the surrounding valley.

An interesting trail where children will learn more about the different types of Flora and

Age group of Children ??

Above 8  years

Can parents come with their children?

Yes surely parents can join too.

What about meals ??

Yes we would be providing the meals ( Breakfast)

Highlights of the trek

  • Experienced guide & coordinators from LAFL.
  • Interesting, Safe & researched route used for nature trail for children.
  • Travel facility from Panvel Railway Station.



Day 1

  • Report at Sion Circle ( outside PVR) – 7 am sharp
  • Travel to Karnala by private vehicle.
  • Breakfast on route
  • Reach Karnala Bird Sanctuary & Introduction session.
  • Nature walk and trekking in Ransai forest.
  • Lunch in the forest.
  • Return back the same route.
  • Trip Ends.
  • Drive back and drop at Sion circle


INCLUDED Transportation from Panvel Railway Station. Breakfast
Experienced Guide & Instructors First Aid kit
NOT INCLUDED Personal expenses of any kind
All not mentioned in the ‘Included’ section Insurance of any kind
ransai forest trek