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Ladakh Backpacking Trip

Ladakh Backpacking is LAFL’s most innovative trip for the year. Where we help you plan your trip and you go for it.
The choice would be yours to select the date & kind of travel you would like to have, and the expertise would be ours.

Ladakh’s mysterious ways of life and its humble people are best experienced by backpacking and being with them.We would like that you visit the roof of the world in the best possible way!

Do you want to get explained this ‘backpacking’ concept more clearly?

What’s Backpacking?

The Wikipedia describes backpacking as a form of low-cost, independent travel. It includes the use of a backpack that is easily carried for long distances or long periods of time; the use of public transport; inexpensive lodging such as youth hostels; often a longer duration of the trip when compared with conventional vacations; and often an interest in meeting locals as well as seeing sights.

Backpacking may include wilderness adventures, local travel and travel to nearby areas while working from the country in which they are based.

Traveling around with only a backpack on your back. This method of travel is usually associated with youth, but people of all ages backpack.

Why Ladakh Backpacking ?

The Experience:

The word ‘Ladakh’ means ‘Land of Passes’. On the way from Manali to Leh, there are 5 high-altitude passes (Rohtang, Baralacha- la, Namik-la, Lachunga-la, Tanglang-La) offering spectacular view of the world’s highest routes between the snow clad mountain ranges of Ladakh and Zanskar. We think that experiencing unique beauty of this mountain-highway is experiencing Ladakh in a true sense.

If you take a flight to Leh: The spectacular scenery, dramatically changing landscape, beautiful moonlike terrain, colors changing at each turn from brown to golden to purple, cliff side monasteries … all this is missed if you fly.

Ladakh’s mysterious ways of life and its humble people are best experienced by backpacking and being with them.

Why Life Away From Life?

Life Away From Life believes in making visits to Ladakh comfortable exciting, and affordable.

Our travel experience over 17 years has helped us to specially customize this particular route so that you can visit the roof of the world in the best possible way!

We have extensively travelled to Ladakh by way of cycling, motor biking, Jeep safaris, by trekking and by air from Srinagar & Manali.

How it works?

You pay a non-refundable fee as service charges and in return we share with you LAFL Researched Data and also Add-On Services, which would help you plan your backpacking trip in a robust and adventurous manner.

What’s included in the LAFL Researched Data (LRD) & Add-on services?

This LRD is a result of our experience in Ladakh for over 10 years.

The LRD would contain crucial information in regards to your backing trip planning and execution, like:

  1. All Travel & Transportation logistics info
    1. How to get there, Taxi rate list, Local transportation help – Taxi, Bus services info, Motorcycle on hire – where and how to hire info and more
    2. Pick up and drop taxi service info and service.
  2. Accommodation
    1. Non-listed home stays, monasteries stays, Budgeted hotels, hostels stays or any standard hotels stay info and bookings.
  3. List of things to carry – necessary items list to carry for the trip
  4. Medical precautions doc.
  5. High altitude acclimatizing guide doc. (made by expert mountaineer’s)
  6. Safety measures doc – for general travel and Female travelers
  7. What to wear doc – to understand the climate and weather of Ladakh
  8. When to Go information-we would suggest you the best time for your trip and according to your convenience
  9. General information: regarding festivals, special events, important holidays
  10. Do’s & Don’ts doc while on the trip.
  11. What to expect doc? – this doc would help you understand the psyche of the Ladakhi people , and how to adjust to the culture change.
  12. Where to eat?
  13. Non-listed, very interesting and authentic eateries info – By way of actual reccee in this area for the last 15 years, we have found out some very interesting eateries which serves interesting and authentic cuisine. You wont find these eateries in any guidebook or on the Internet.

    E.g. a very interesting dhabha en route of Manali to Leh , which serves some lip smacking Aloo Paranthas, or a locals house for a hearty Kadhi Chawal, some awesome Rajma Chawal or mouth watering Momos. We can tell you all this because we have eaten there – simple.

      1. Where to buy special equipment for the trip? – if you need to buy any equipment for your trip like a backpack, or a trekking stick or anything else , we would help you get good stuff with our strong database of dealers.
      2. Medical emergencies info enroute Ladakh and in Ladakh- like locations of hospitals run by Govt, Pvt or Army , and how to reach there info.
      1. Meals service during travel info – like ordering meals in the train.
      2. What to do? – We would guide you doing the activity of your interest – e.g. Sightseeing, trekking, rafting, cycling, motor biking, camping etc
      3. Important travel logistics info – especially Manali to Leh & Srinagar to Leh journeys, and also book them for you on actuals, with no extra service charge.

    Other important Add-On services

      1. Meet ups – Invite to attend LAFL meet ups with travelers sharing the same interest.
      1. One-to-One Meet up with LAFL Ladakh expert – to clear your doubts and inhibitions about travel.
      2. Unlimited Skype / what’s app – 24hrs help during your trip. This facility can be used for emergencies of any kind. We have the best ground help in Ladakh since we have spent around 15 years there doing ground research. You can have a trouble free and relaxed trip. Basically we know the locales and the locales know us now.
      3. Local friend / guide if required – if you require a local person to accompany you for a single or multiple day we can arrange it for you.
      4. LAFL Coordinator – if you require a LAFL Coordinator ( male/female) to accompany you , we can arrange for that on actuals.
      5. Make your itinerary – if required our expert would sit with you and help you make an itinerary.
      6. Budget preparation if required – Our expert would sit with you and help you prepare a budget for the trip.
      7. We can help you book logistics if required by you, on actual costs. Since we have been traveling and arranging trips in Ladakh for the last 15 years, we usually get the best deals and advantages over other companies.
      8. WE OFFER:
        1. Vehicles best suited for rugged terrain o Professional & experienced drivers
        2. Knowledgeable and resourceful guides
        3. Hotels with all amenities offering homely comfort in a special Ladakhi manner, where your meals come from their own organic kitchen garden and milk from home-bred cows. We select these places away from hustle -bustle of the main market, so that you can peacefully plant your chair in the verandah and enjoy the mountain views while sipping hot tea.
        4. Comfortable family vacation
        5. Customized options available for solo travelers as well as groups
      9. Book your Logistics on actual costs – travel & stay. E.g. train tickets,home stay, etc.

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Ladakh Backpacking Trip

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