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Bikaner, Rajasthan
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Camping Trek, Trekking, Workshops
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Prepare for an unforgettable, multidimensional expedition with our ‘Desert Adventure & Space Camp’ in the captivating city of Bikaner.

This exceptional adventure seamlessly integrates the enchanting landscapes of the desert with the mysteries of the cosmos, offering a holistic experience that resonates with explorers of all ages.

Desert Expedition:

Our journey kicks off with an immersive exploration of Bikaner’s desert. Traverse the undulating dunes, witness breathtaking sunsets, and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the expansive desert terrain. You’ll also have the chance to absorb the city’s rich culture and heritage by visiting bustling markets, and engaging with the local community.

Starry Nights and Celestial Discovery:

As the sun sets, our focus shifts to the celestial wonders above. Beneath the pristine desert skies, you’ll partake in stargazing sessions led by expert astronomers. Through high-powered telescopes, you’ll observe planets, stars, and galaxies while learning about constellations, celestial events, and the limitless marvels of space.

Educational Workshops:

Our Space Camp isn’t just about observing the stars; it’s also about comprehending the cosmos. Engage in interactive workshops and discussions that shed light on the history of space exploration, the latest discoveries in astrophysics, and the technologies propelling us into the unknown. These sessions are tailored to be both informative and enjoyable, making complex concepts accessible to all.

Thrilling Adventures:

Beyond the celestial exploration, our Desert Adventure Space Camp offers an array of exciting activities. Embark on camel cart safaris, try your hand at sandboarding, and partake in exhilarating trek through the desert. Whether you seek an adrenaline rush or a serene desert escape, our program has something for everyone.

Cultural Immersion:

Immerse yourself in Bikaner’s rich cultural tapestry with traditional music and dance performances, tantalizing local cuisine, and visit to desert villages. Gain insights into the heritage of this charming city and connect with its warm-hearted inhabitants.

Enchanting Evenings:

To cap off each day, we’ll come together under the starlit desert skies for campfires, storytelling, and engaging discussions on astronomy. These evenings are not only for relaxation but also a chance to forge connections with fellow adventurers and contemplate the wonders of the universe.


Our ‘Desert Adventure &  Space Camp’ in Bikaner offers a comprehensive journey that harmonises exploration, education, and adventure.

It’s a chance to create enduring memories, fostering a profound connection with the splendours of the natural world and the mysteries of the universe.

Join us for a transformative experience that leaves you with a deep appreciation for both the Earth’s beauty and the celestial spectacle above.

Highlights of the trip:

  • We are very experienced, and we work with the local professionals, to give you a high quality desert experience.
  • we would walk amidst dunes. moreover we would have a camel cart with us to rest in between.
  • We will be completely isolated from civilisation in this remote part of the great Thar Desert.
  • This is a wonderful experience if you are comfortable camping, in true sense a Life away from life experience
  • A traditional Rajput home stay and local cuisine experience
  • Camping in tents in the middle of the desert in between dunes and celebrating the new years eve.
  • Unforgettable, multidimensional expedition in Bikaner
  • Seamlessly integrates desert landscapes and celestial mysteries
  • Desert Expedition: Explore undulating dunes, witness sunsets, and engage with local culture
  • Starry Nights and Celestial Discovery: Stargazing, planet observation, and astronomy insights
  • Educational Workshops: Learn about space exploration, astrophysics, and technology
  • Thrilling Adventures: Trekking in the dunes, camping
  • Cultural Immersion: Meet the real desert people , visit their village , traditional music, cuisine.
  • Enchanting Evenings: Campfires, storytelling, and astronomy discussions
  • Comprehensive journey harmonising exploration, education, and adventure
  • Create enduring memories and a deep appreciation for the natural world and the universe

Day 1 - Reach Jodhpur.

Arrive in Jodhpur, either by train or flight.Report at Jodhpur in the morning.
Aftert a comfortable 4-hour journey, passing through the desert towns and village reach Bikaner and rest for evening.
Enjoy the bus journey from Jodhpur to Bikaner. Make sure to get a good  rest during the ride.
Stay in Homestay in Bikaner


Day 2 - Camp near Napasar at Vijay Dhora. (Trek)

After a good breakfast. We start are adventure trek towards our first camp at Napasar.
Enroute we woud visit some desert villages and talk to the people there.  Camel carts would move along with us carry water and facilitating us to rest whenever we want.
Hot lunch would be cooked on the way on a beautiful spot under a tree shade by our local staff.
As the sun sets we would have educational workshops on astronomy and space exploration.
Gather for a campfire, storytelling, and stargazing sessions led by expert astronomers.
Dinner at the campsite.
Overnight in tents.


Day 3 - Camp at SURDHNA (trek)

The best day of the trek , in the middle of nowhere , with no electricity and traffic noise. This place usually gets very cold in the night.The sky if very clear and 360 deg hemisphere can be seen. In the evening sit on the dunes and have a cup of Chai watching the sun go down. if you are lucky the local fox might visit you.
– Stargazing sessions under the desert sky with telescopes.
– Campfire and discussions.

Overnight in tents.


Day 4 - Day Lunch at Balakiya Dhora end at KOTHRI.( Trek ) Drive back to hotel for night

This is the day when you are tempted to sit on the accompanying camel cart and get the real feel of the desert loneliness.

Overnight in Bikaner in homestay


Day 5 - Departure

Early morning departure for Jodhpur by bus.
Trip ends at Jodhpur


December :

26th to 30th Dec 2023 – Batch 1
29th Dec 2023 to 1st Dec 2024 – batch 2  ( New Years eve special )

Included Accommodation in non-ac rooms (Twin Sharing) only rooms transport from Jodhpur to bikaner and back by bus
Activity Point Transfers Bottled drinking water during the trek
All veg meals Camping Gear
Cooking Staff Guide
Luggage Porterage on the trek Camel Cart for resting
All activities mentioned in the itinerary charges, LAFL Service Charges
Not Included All beverages Tips
All Insurance Camera Fees
Internet Usage Monument Entrance Fees
Flight Tickets Sight Seeing out of itinerary
All not mention in the ‘Included’ section

Please note that cancellation charges are calculated of the total amount payable and not of advance amount. If 100% of the amount is not paid while registering, the cancellation policy stands void.

Desert Adventure & Space Camp
The Great Indian Desert
desert trek
desert trek
desert trek

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