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Dang Forest, Saputara
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Join us for an exciting motorcycle trip to the Dang Forest in Gujarat
The Motorcycle trip to the Dang’s from Mumbai is one of the most beautiful short road journeys over the weekend.

The 300 kms one way route passes through teak forests,sugarcane, onion fields, grapes & Strawberry  farms, some excellent highways and awesome eateries.
when you make it to Dang, you find everything changed in one stroke. The air is cold and misty. The smell is predominantly of the wild.

About Dang

The Dangs district is essentially a mountainous tract covered with dense forest which starts from the rugged chains of the Sahyadris in the east and extends to the edge of plains of Gujarat State. It starts in the east with chain of rugged mountains running up to about 1,100 meters (3500 ft. ) Most of the area in the Dangs lies in elevation between 300 and 700 meters above mean sea level.

Who can join this Motorcycle Trip?

All enthusiastic beginners can join this ride , yes you should know how to ride a bike or sit behind as a pillion. This is an easy grade ride with occasional stops for chai !!.

What about motorcycles , do we have to bring our own ??

You are most welcome to bring in your own motorcycle, but if you dont wish to ,then we can help you hire one from Mumbai itself.
Our cost mentioned does not include the cost of hiring the bike and the fuel.

Do not miss to eat ….

  • the Kathiyawadi thali
    Gujarati cuisine varies widely in flavour and heat, depending on a family’s tastes as well as the region of Gujarat to which they belong. North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kachchh, and Surat are the four major regions of Gujarat that contribute their unique touch to Gujarati cuisine. Many Gujarati dishes are distinctively sweet, salty, and spicy simultaneously.
  • The sugar cane juice
  • Strawberries near Saputara
  • The wild berries or karvanda

Highlights of the trip

  • total travel distance: 750 kms
  • Ride in the Dang forest
  • Pit stops for lunch at specially selected eateries.
  • Cross Vansad National park, Dang forest, Saputara, Nasik.
  • Ride thru Sugarcane, Strawberry, Potato, Onion, Grapes fields.
  • Try out the amazing Kathiyawadi cuisine.
  • Stop at small villages to have breakfast or tea and talk to the locals.
  • Guided bike trip
  • Pillions allowed with the equal cost of the trip
  • Motorcycles on hire. ( Super bikes also available)
  • cross state borders.


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Day 1 - Start from Mumbai to reach Dang by Gujarat Ahmedabad highway

Early morning assemble at a pre-decided place in Mumbai. Take the Gujarat Ahmedabad highway.Pit stops for Breakfast – Chai – Lunch & snacks.
Ride across the Vansad National Park near Ahwa and then enter the Dang forest . Reach Dang forest rest in resort or forest rest houses. Group sessions.

Day 2 - Dang forest and return via Nasik to Mumbai

Leave early morning to surrounding places in the forest. Return via Saputara –cross the Gujarat – Maharashtra border via  Nasik to Mumbai . Pit stops for Breakfast – Lunch & chai.
Trip ends


Included  Accommodation with meals  LAFL Service Charge
  Tour Guide
 Not Included All beverages (including bottled mineral water) All Insurance
 Camera Fees Internet Usage
 Flight Tickets Helmets
Motorcycles & fuel Personal Riding gear
Personal Expenses  All not mentioned in the ‘Included’ section

Please note that cancellation charges are calculated of the total amount payable and not of advance amount. If 100% of the amount is not paid while registering, the cancellation policy stands void.

Dang forest motorcycle tour

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