3 days, 2 nights
Kamshet, Maharashtra
7 to 14 yrs
Min. Groupsize
Childrens Adventure Camp
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Children’s Adventure Camp : Wilderness Survival

Christmas Special  : Kamshet, Maharashtra

From 25th to 27th Dec 2023


 Want to teach your child about outdoor living and wilderness survival skills?

Children’s Adventure Camp,  is back with a  bunch of all new adventure activities.

This  3-day adventure camp is a – Wilderness Survival Special – filled with thrilling adventure activities, immersive adventure workshops  and plenty of adventure games, in the beautiful location of Kamshet near Mumbai, Maharashtra .


Value of Wilderness Survival Skills…

Life Away From Life (LAFL) encourages children of all ages to get in touch with their natural surroundings! With activities that foster a love of the outdoors and environmental sciences that can be initiated indoors and out.

Society often overlooks the value of wilderness training and survival skills. We live among urban sprawls and in suburban epicentres – but there is still plenty of raw, untamed natural world left to explore. Knowing a few basics of wilderness prep and survival is a good idea no matter where you live or what activities you participate in. And there’s no better time to acquire these skills than when you are young.

Engaging and fun …

By teaching children the basics, we are instilling life-long knowledge that could one day save their lives or the lives of others. Some of the most important “survival” techniques would be introduced to kids and presented in such a way that it’s not intimidating, but rather engaging and fun.


“At LAFL, we believe that grasping important skills through activities, crafts, books, and projects don’t just provide central learning, but offer appreciation and enjoyment for the subjects being explored. Getting children interested in the outdoors and survival skills has been one of the major goals of my career and there is a lot of evidence that outdoor activities are enormously beneficial to the young.”  – Prateek Deo , CEO LAFL


Wilderness Survival objective

The objective of this children’s adventure camp is to connect children with nature in a fun sharing environment. This is a nature awareness Adventure Camp for kids  that will cover the basic Wilderness survival skills. It will be structured for fun learning, with plenty of games, and creativity.

Our brief list of some of the activities your child will engage in:

  • Ancestral Technologies such as:
    • Learn wilderness safety and knowledge of
    • Learn how to make a fire from sticks and friction and 1 match fires 
    • Create your own survival camp fire making kit
    • Craft a bag for your wilderness kit
    • Learn how to cook over the survival style cooking fire
  • Experiential wilderness awareness games
  • Hill exploration and discovery​
  • Experience unique nature immersion and survival skills through play, discovery, investigation and exploration.

What we do:

In a time of earth’s fragile ecology, LAFL, help children connect with wonder and amazement to the natural world, growing their innate curiosity and passion for the earth and its flora and fauna. We do this through mentoring, guided creative exploration and hands-on discovery.

Our caring staff uses ancestral teachings and primitive technologies to build upon children’s reverence and to create lifelong stewards of the natural world

Why is this important?

We believe it is through having magical experiential nature mentors that students will be inspired to have both hope and solutions in an era of climate change and global environmental uncertainty. We believe students, who are taught to fall in love with science through child-led nature mentoring, will be the ones who will be the pioneers of zero-impact, cradle to cradle manufacturing, and create bio mimicry designs to complex human challenges for a healthy planet. They will be the ones who inspire their own families and people in their communities, for seven generations and beyond.

Who can participate?

Participants include ALL children between age group of 7 to 14 yrs

How We Teach:

We focus on child-directed experiential learning, acute observation and inquiry, whereby students are “learning by doing”.

  • Small groups
  • Hands-on projects
  • Guided exploration and Inquiry based learning
  • Experienced educators & naturalists & artists
  • Stories and games
  • Student centered activities
  • Acute observation and inquiry skills

Highlights of the Children’s Adventure Camp : Wilderness Survival 

The 3 days 2 night LAFL Children’s Adventure Camp – Christmas Special  program includes

  • Trained and experienced coordinators to handle the group.
  • Female coordinators for girls
  • This camp has a limit of 30 children only , so be sure to register early.
  • A private transport would be arranged from Mumbai to take the children to the camp site and back.
  • Healthy vegetarian meals will be provided and no junk food allowed.
  • Mobile phone and electronic gadgets are not allowed.
  • Daily Instagram live broadcast of events and daily life of their child in the camp , for parents would be done.
  • Separate toilets & bathrooms for girls & boys ( children would be assisted by female & male coordinators from LAFL).
  • Completion certificates would be awarded to all children.
  • Camp leader : Mr Prateek Deo – Mountaineering Graduate from HMI Darjeeling , and over 20 years experience in conducting Adventure Camps for children.
  • High Standard , Tested , mountaineering equipments would be used for all activities.
  • All activities mentioned , would be under the guidance of Mr Prateek Deo, and assisted by his qualified team of coordinators.
  • During all activities female students would have a female coordinator to help them with.
  • We would maintain strict discipline in regards to hygiene, behaviour &  punctuality.

LAFL foundation program :

The CHILDREN’S ADVENTURE CAMP is our foundation program,designed for both new and returning campers.  Get back to your roots and learn the philosophy of living close to nature, wilderness survival, and nurture your connection to the earth.  We will explore the surrounding forests, swim in mountain streams, as we discover more about the magical world of nature through building natural shelters, making fires, and preparing food.

Campers gain self-esteem, work cooperatively and make new friends, as they gain confidence in both living and feeling at home in the natural world.  This is a camp where campers are truly looked after and cared about.  It is a safe place where kids can try new things and discover more about who they are.  Additionally , evenings are spent circled around the campfire telling stories, star gazing, laughing a lot.


This program can also include the following activities :

Adventure activities  :
Trekking,Kayaking  Zip lining, rock climbing, River crossing, swimming & bathing in a natural waterfall, Trek planning , and lots more.

Adventure workshops :
Ropes Knots , Self cooking, Tent pitching, Campfire making, Sounds of Nature, trekking workshop, mountaineering skills and lots more.

Adventure games:  Treasure hunt , Nature walks, Capture the flag , Geocaching adventure and lots more.

Physical and Mental well-being workshops : Yoga, Stretching exercises , nature trails , music therapy, meditation  and lots more

Other workshops : skits ,  outdoor nature drawing, clay modelling  etc

*all activities are based on the relative time taken to do the same and can change acordingly.

Camp location  : Kamhet , Maharashtra .

  • The distance from Mumbai to Campsite ( Kamshet) is approximately 120kms  kilometers.
  • The distance from  Pune  to Campsite ( Kamshet ) is approximately 120  kilometers.*The travel time by road is depending on the route and traffic conditions.

About the Campsite : 

Our campsite is perched atop these undulating hills adorned with lush green forests, surrounded by mangoes plantations,  and teak forest. The scenic beauty of this location is simply breathtaking, offering a mesmerizing experience for the children.

Moreover, our campsite  is well equipped with up-to-date staying facilities, good quality food freshly cooked at the premises, hygienic drinking water facilities and bunch of efficient support staff.

Safety First :

Moreover, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our young ones. For added assurance, we have a dedicated medical facility with trained personnel and first aid provisions readily available on-site.

Additionally, in the unlikely event of an emergency, we have an onsite vehicle standing by, ready to swiftly transport children to the nearest medical assistance if needed. Furthermore, our efficient support staff is always at hand to assist with any needs or concerns, making your stay at our campsite not only enjoyable but also secure and worry-free.

For any queries, you can talk to our LAFL expert on 7718058351 (also what’s app)



Brief information about  Life Away From Life & Prateek Deo

Life Away From Life (LAFL) Adventure Camps, helps children connect with wonder and amazement to the natural world, growing their innate curiosity and passion for the earth and its flora and fauna.

Prateek Deo – CEO LAFL, Mountaineer ( Post graduate from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling), Author & Musician.

– He has spent over 20 yrs conducting adventure based children programs and trips

– Done over 500+ camps for children of all ages , around Mumbai and India.


Google reviews of LAFL Camps :


LAFL on :

Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/lifeawayfromlife

Instagram: @lifeawayfromlife2023

Facebook: Life Away From Life

website : https://www.lifeawayfromlife.com




Day 1-Camp registration

Pvt. Bus starts from Sion circle at 7 am from Mumbai.
Arrival at campsite and tent allocation
  • Lunch break
  • Adventure workshops
  • Hi-tea break
  • Adventure activities
  • Dinner
  • Sleep time

Day 2 -Adventure activities

  • Bathroom rituals
  • Morning exercise & yoga
  • Nature walk
  • Breakfast
  • Adventure activities
  • Hi-tea
  • Adventure games / Workshop
  • Dinner
  • campfire
  • Sleep time

Day 3 -Departure

  • Bathroom rituals
  • Morning exercise & yoga
  • Small trek
  • Breakfast
  • Team competitions
  • Awarding certificates
  • Lunch
  • Departure from campsite
  • On route stop for washroom
  • Reach Sion circle, Mumbai
  • Trip ends


3 days 2 nights

25th to 27th Dec 2023

INCLUDED Accommodation in tens with beds All veg meals
Transportation in non-ac bus All activities equipment
Instructors and coordinators Male & Female coordinators
LAFL Service Charges
NOT INCLUDED personal clothing and toiletries insurance
All not mentioned in the ‘Included’ section

Please note that cancellation charges are calculated of the total amount payable and not of advance amount. If 100% of the amount is not paid while registering, the cancellation policy stands void.

Childrens Adventure Camp
adventure camp
adventure camp
adventure camp
Childrens Adventure Camp

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