Andaman Island Scuba Diving Trip

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a breathtaking archipelago located east of India. Spread out over more than 800 km in the Bay of Bengal, it looks like the perfect tropical dream.
5 days

Bhutan Motorcycling Trip

A motorcycling adventure to Bhutan a land of snowcapped mountains, deep, broad valleys with fertile rice paddies and orchards, tiny villages and bustling market towns. Bhutan is a thoroughly exotic country that stimulates all of the senses.
8 Days

Bundi photography trip – Rajasthan

The photography trip to Bundi - an opportunity to grab your cameras (professional camera not required) and get to capture different aspects of life in different forms and moods!
3 days

Camping Workshop

Join us for a fun filled weekend designed to help you or your family discover the joys of camping.
1 day
Chadar trek
Exclusive !!

Chadar Trek in Ladakh – Short

Experience the walk on the frozen Chadar lake at sub-zero temperatures, with our specialised Chadar Lake trek, only during the January - February season.
5 days

Chamser Kangri Peak Expedition

The Chamser Kangri trek gives a strong & fit trekker a chance of climbing a significant Himalayan peak, and writing themselves into history books without prior technical climbing experience.
11 Days

Children’s Adventure Camp – Wilderness Survival special

In this 3-day "wilderness Survival " camp, important “survival” techniques would be introduced to kids in an engaging and fun way.
3 days

Coastal Cycling to Kihim

Coastal cycling to Kihim, is one of the most exciting and short one-day rides in Maharashtra.Our ride will start from Mandwa jetty  to  Kihim beach and then back to Mandwa jetty total 28kms.
1 day