Hornbill Festival - Nagaland
Dusehra Special

Hornbill Festival backpacking trip – Nagaland

The Hornbill Festival is a tribute to the great “Hornbill” which is the most admired and revered bird for the Nagas, for its qualities of alertness and grandeur.
4 days

Ladakh Backpacking Trek

At a height of 9000 feet, this backpacking trek will let you witness the vast stretches of mountains, sneak-peaks of snow, and the hospitality of the Ladakhi people.
5 days

Ladakh Backpacking Trip

Ladakh Backpacking is LAFL’s most innovative trip for the year. Where we help you plan your trip and you go for it.

Valley of Flowers Trek backpacking

The Valley of Flowers is a unique amalgamation of herbal & scenic secrets of the valley, rare animals, pheasant & high altitude birds, and much more see it in a backpackers style.
7 days