Dang Fireflies festival
Dusehra Special

Fireflies Festival at Dang

This is a trip for all Nature Lovers. The Dang forest gleaming with fireflies at night is a breath-taking view and can be witnessed only once a year, so don't miss this opportunity.
2 days
Dang Forest, Saputara

Space Camp near Mumbai

Explore the cosmos and ignite a lifelong passion for space exploration with our cutting-edge Space Camp for children, offering an unforgettable journey into the wonders of the universe at the premier Space Camp for kids.
2 days
Children's Adventure Camp in yuksam
Diwali Special

Youth Adventure Camp at Yuksam- Mountaineering Special

Children's Adventure Camp: Embrace the Himalayan magic with Life Away From Life in Yuksom, West Sikkim – Nov 2023!
6 days
Monkey point trek
Early Bird!

Youth Adventure Camp near Mumbai

This nature awareness summer camp is our foundation program to help connect the Youth with nature and teach them survival skills, along with fun learning activities and creativity.
3 days