“The mountains are big, but a person with big heart you climb with, adds more value and meaning to your climb.”

There are so many mountains around, so many different routes to climb them, so many secrets of nature to share, so many species to introduce, so many trees to show, so many hidden jewels to find, so many properties of nature to discuss, so many ways to give help in forests, and so many ways to inspire different hearts while climbing.

peb fort trek

Mr. Prateek Deo Gupta, he is less like a CEO of Life Away From Life and more like a friend to every being he comes across. A man who believes in exploration. He wants people to explore themselves and the nature around them. He says, “I don’t want to change human lives, the choice is in their hands; I just want to inspire them.”

He has been tracing every trail possible, to find out the less travelled and most unique trail which leaves everlasting impact in traveler’s life.

He doesn’t miss any season to explore, because according to him, exploration doesn’t require any specific season. Any place that looks naturally so beautiful at a given period of time, one must never miss that precious time and the place too.



The monsoon winds bring with them the beauty of western ghats, a lot of greenery and freshness, a reason for rice to grow, a new hope for villagers and a special offer for us to trek the mountains and forts of Maharashtra.monsoon treks

He’s been looking forward to spread the beauty of this season to all Mumbaikars, staying two hours away from these mountains, by the mean of one day treks. He is born in Mumbai, but brought up by these Mountains of Maharashtra.

One day treks with him are so qualitative. A trek with him diverts your mind in nature’s direction and indirectly opens your heart for new adventures to come. Another trek with him to Peb fort inspired me even more. It made me realize, the mountains are big, but a person with big heart you climb with, adds more value and meaning to your climb.

  • Written by Ashwini Nakrani
  • Photo credits Priyal Thakkar, Angeli Rajan

peb fort trek

‘Father and Daughter, Husband and Wife and A Flock of Good Friends with Life Away From Life’

Indeed! You experience a different life away from your casual life when you move out to one of the most beautiful treks in the world.

It’s true that the season for adventure is all the year round, but monsoon treks in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra is the most unique activity and unbeatable experience in the world full of adventure.

Trek to the smallest hill station located on the mighty Western Ghats, Matheran is the Live heaven on earth, where vehicles do not run and everybody only walks.

This lovely two hours trek to Matheran begins from Dodhani, a small village which still believes in green paddy fields. The trek takes you through the simple lifestyle of the hill people of Maharashtra and then through different surprises of nature.

A small hut under a tree and besides green paddy fields, cattle grazing in open slopes of the mountain, waterfalls gushing down in excitement, noisy winds yet peaceful, mesmerising forest trails, rain showers and above all the panoramic views of the mountains from the sunset point of Matheran are the unique experiences this trek offers.

Treks do not ask people, what is your age, where do you come from, which language you speak or what is your motto in life; Anyone with zeal to connect with nature, to observe everything around and to learn and grow in a natural environment can trek anytime in their lifespan. Treks give you more than you expect from them.

matheran trek

Father and daughter, husband and wife and a flock of good friends joined us for Matheran trek yesterday. These wonderful people made the trek easy and more interesting. We understand the world even more better after meeting different people in a natural sphere.

You know what best one day trek did ?
It bound us all together in unity yet giving us freedom to be one self at the same time.

This is the beauty of one day treks in Maharashtra.

  • Written by Ashwini Nakarni a travel writer from Kutch, presently working for Life Away From Life as an Adventure travel Coordinator.