Life Away From Life is one of India’s leading adventure travel company, offering more than 200 stand alone itineraries which include trekking, expeditions, jeep and wildlife safari adventures, cycling and walking tours, and cultural journeys. Established since 2000, we are one of the only adventure travel companies to have travelled across Ladakh, Bhutan, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Tanzania, Cambodia and many more.


Life Away From LifeThe power of the sun, moon, and stars, the changing seasons, seedtime and harvest, clouds, rain and rivers, the oceans and the forests, the creatures and the herbs. They are with us now, co-tenants of the phenomenal universe, participating with us in the timeless yearning that is evolution, vivid expressions of time past, essential partners in survival and now involved in the creation of the future.

Our eyes do not divide us from the world, but unite us with it. Let this be known to be true. Let us then abandon the simplicity of separation and give unity its due. Let us abandon the self mutilation which has been our way and give expression to the potential harmony of man-nature. The world is abundant; we require only a deference born of understanding to fulfill man’s promise. Man is that uniquely conscious creature who can perceive and express. He must become the steward of the biosphere. To do this he must design with nature.

“Life Away From Life always designs their trips connected with nature. I believe each one of us should give ourselves a chance to see a life away from life, atleast once in a lifetime, a chance to explore the little universes which exists in us.” – Prateek Deo, CEO

Life Away From Life is one of India’s leading adventure travel companies, offering ground breaking itineraries on every adventure. The company has been conducting small & large group trekking, adventure travel holidays and vacations since 2000, and is widely recognized for ground breaking Responsible Tourism initiatives.

Today, we offer more than 200 stand alone itineraries; trekking, expeditions, jeep and wildlife safari adventures, cycling and walking tours, and cultural journeys. And each of these itineraries have several scheduled departure dates throughout the season.

Life Away From Life has helped shape the adventure travel industry standards since its inception almost a decade ago. Our all-inclusive, ‘no hidden extras’ pricing policy combined with longer, creative itineraries and the use of quality ground services attracts people who have high expectations from their travel experiences.

Why Travel with Life Away From Life?

We have a great relationship with the locals of most of our operational bases around India, Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya & East Africa. This ensures that we can provide high quality trips of exceptional value with no hidden extras. Our hands-on approach and years of experience has ensured a safety record second to none as we’ve pioneered some of the most unique itineraries in the adventure market place today.

Life Away From Life has been seriously committed to responsible travel and sustainability since we began in 2000 and established our philosophy to have a “life full of adventure, travel & fun” .

Pioneering adventure travel for more than a decade of  has proved the positive conservation outcomes when travel is managed for sustainability. We believe that a responsible, long-term vision can deliver true sustainability and with the participation of all our clients and business partners, this challenge is being met and achieved.

In addition, we create excellent adventures!

Our trips have been featured in India’s popular magazines and newspapers including:




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‘Corporate LAFL’ is the corporate division of Life Away From life (LAFL).

It caters specially to corporate companies offering ‘Team Adventures’ in India and abroad.
Corporate LAFL’s – Team Adventures programs are fully customised to the corporate needs.

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