Thanks for making me young again
Maharashtra Coastal Cycling

This is about my cycling trip, with 3 wonderful rider friends, from Mandwa to Nandgaon in the coastal region of Maharashtra.

Instead of writing a detailed blog , here’s short text which i sent to my fellow cycling mates.

“guys for me, this cycling trip with you all , was one of the most loveliest memories ever…

a guy whom i was meeting first time in my life, eats missal and gets acidity in the beginning of the trip.

a guy who’s cycle was dangling right from beginning of the trip

a small girl who’s pannier bags were bigger than her cycle…

But yes we were all singing the same song, we were all seeking the same from this trip.. happiness from the unknown.

We all have problems, but to overcome them is not by chance … we have to make efforts
and this effort i could see in this little group of ours , we wanted to be happy..each one of us.

coastal cycling in Maharashtra
Coastal cycling in Maharashtra

I am glad i was with u guys and could do cycling with u guys, I am most lucky.

It really doesn’t matter if u do not have the best cycle in the world or the best riding gear, it doesn’t matter if u do not not  have the best high paying job in the world, lest not forget , finally we all have to pedal to move ahead.

coastal cycling in Maharashtra
The smiling pack

I loved the mistakes in all of u, I loved the simplicity with which u all were riding, I loved the not giving up spirit in u all,  I loved the way we stuck together and rode together in a pack, we didn’t have to drink or smoke to rejoice, we were happy in what nature laid in front of us…

all these small moments made this trip special and unique.

I could see the youth of mine in u all.

The carelessness, the aggressiveness, the strength to push oneself, the not-sleeping and having-fun attitude ,  eating whatever feels to , getting up late and still  not worrying about anything in this world, not caring about what the other person is , just rejoicing every moment, loving nature , eyes were shutting but still desperately staying awake  to not miss the wonderful moments, no strict agenda to follow, not cribbing about the food , toilets or the campsite , making mistakes and correcting very fast, not cribbing about each other, not worrying about the time or anything, mindlessly enjoying every moment, living in a free world..

    coastal cycling in Maharashtra



thanks for making me young again guys


coastal cycling

Maharashtra Coastal Cycling Trip,

Mandwa to Nandgaon to Mandwa
Dates : 9th & 10th Jan 2021
Total riding distance : 125 kms ( 150 for some)
Terrain : Flat asphalt roads, 3 mountain sections , coastal state highway.

Riders  :
Prateek Deo : Group Leader : Adventure Coach

Prateek Deo – Group Leader / Adventure Coach

Sonal Agarwal: Teacher




coastal cycling

Akash Joshi : Photographer , Software professional

coastal cycling
AKASH JOSHI – Photographer / Software professional

Photo Credits : Sumit , Sonal & Akash

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