don’t forget to hear the wind sing
Ziro motorcycle trip

What an awesome experience to ride from Guwahati to Arunachal Pradesh and back ( 1000 kms approx.) on a 350cc engine motorcycle, during the Ziro Music festival motorcycle trip 2019.


Wonderful co-riders made the journey more enjoyable – Shilpa Nalavade Kulkarni a professional Kathak dancer, Priti Jantre a film actress, Rajagopal – a geologist.



Attending the #ZiroFestivalofMusic was the icing on the cake of this trip.ziro motorcycle trip

ziro motorcycle trip Riding thru small villages in Ziro was a lifetime experience for me. The “Lal Chai” ( red tea) fuelled me quite often during the journey. The people there were laid back, content and mostly smiling.

Ziro motorcycle trip

It was tough and painful coming back from Ziro, I missed Ziro.
Memories of the wonderful place still lingers in my mind…

if u ever happen to visit Ziro…
hear the melancholy bird,
meet the paddy field workers,
visit the small hamlets,
climb the small hillocks,
drink the Lal Chai

don’t forget, to just stand still and soak the sunshine ,
don’t forget, to say hi to the ever smiling Apatani people,
don’t forget, to hear the winds sing…

and when u turn back to your city,
and then if u don’t miss Ziro,
it means u haven’t seen enough of Ziro.

go back again.

ziro motorcycle trip

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