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Mojo Mountain trail

Got a call from Mahindra Two Wheelers and they invited me for their  Mojo #MountainTrail . A biking expedition from  Delhi – Leh – Chandigarh. Starting on 24th July 2016.

Mojo Mountain Trail


“It’s now time to claim the Mountains. Get set for a journey of a lifetime to the mystic Leh. Ride through the majestic north as you conquer valleys and mountains with your Mojo. Laid with treacherous terrain and sub zero temperature, discover the land that will bring you face to face with the adventurer in you as you take on the path braved by our soldiers. Welcome to an expedition that separates the men from the boys.Welcome to the Mountain Trail.”

Mojo Mountain Trail

I will be riding their newly launched Mahindra Mojo 300cc from Delhi to Leh ( Ladakh) , crossing some worlds highest passes , along with 30 other riders as well starting from 24th July till 28th July 2016.
This tough route would cross 5 high mountain passes with the highest being at 17380 ft.

The bike which i would be riding is the new Mojo 300cc sports tourer.
The MOJO comes equipped with a state-of-the-art engine with DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft), low friction piston and rings, advanced EFI (Electronic Fuel Ignition), iridium spark plug, resonator fitted intake system and twin exhausts.



When the road comes calling, you need a pack to answer it. Brotherhood, camaraderie and the love of riding is what the Mojo Tribe is all about. And it will ensure that you never ride alone.

Mojo News.

Rannvijay Singh comes onboard for the first ever Mahindra Mojo Mountain Trail

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