Mumbai to Haridwar Cycling – 2500kms – Felicitated by the Prime Minister

The LAFL team gets felicitated by the , then Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee , for the 2500kms Mumbai to Haridwar cross country cycling event, 2005.

The team consisted of Prateek Deo, Vinod Kumar, & Glean Gonsalves. These were 3 brave riders from Mumbai who cycled for 2500 kms in 23 days crossing 7 states.
There were no back-up vehicle for support. The motto of the trip was “do it the truckers way” , so no hotel stay was decided.

The team successfully completed their journey in the planned 23 days and made their name in history for this unique journey

Mumbai to Haridwar cycling trip



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