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The much awaited childrens adventure camp is back with a fresh exotic location and a bunch of all new adventure activities.

This is a 3 day adventure camp filled with activities like Rock climbing, Rappelling, zip line coupled with sessions on rope knots, team building and plenty of adventure games.


The objective of this childrens adventure camp is to connect children with nature in a fun sharing environment. This is a nature awareness summer camp for kids that will cover some survival skills. It will be structured for fun learning, with plenty of games, and creativity.

Age group

For ages 8 to 14 yrs.

Highlights of the childrens adventure camp :

The 3 days 2 night LAFL Children’s Adventure Camp program includes

Primitive Fire making -Awareness Skills / Games  -Adventuring / Exploring -Rock climbing / Rappelling / river crossing -Trekking -Tent pitching -Camp making -Wilderness Philosophy  -Natural History -Campfire Cooking -Swimming -Team building / Communication and lots more.

  • Trained and experienced coordinators to handle the group.
  • Female coordinators for girls
  • Special identification card for each participant.
  • This camp has a limit of 40 so be sure to register early.
  • Healthy vegetarian meals will be provided, no junk food allowed.
  • No mobile phone & electronic games allowed. Daily Instagram live broadcast of events and daily life of their child in the camp , for parents would be done.
  • Separate toilets & bathrooms for girls & boys ( children would be assisted by female & male coordinators from LAFL).
  • Completion certificates would be awarded to all children.
  • Camp leader : Mr Prateek Deo – Mountaineering Graduate from HMI Darjeeling , and over 10 years experience in conducting Adventure Camps for children.
  • High Standard , Tested , mountaineering equipments would be used for all events.
  • Parents are not allowed for this Camp. We want the children to learn to manage on their own.
  • All activities mentioned , would be under the guidance of Mr Prateek Deo, and assisted by his qualified team of coordinators.
  • During all activities female students would have a female coordinator to help them with.
  • We would maintain strict discipline in regards to hygiene, behaviour &  punctuality.


LAFL foundation program :

The CHILDRENS ADVENTURE CAMP is our foundation program,designed for both new and returning campers.  Get back to your roots and learn the philosophy of living close to nature, wilderness survival, and nurture your connection to the earth.  We will explore the surrounding forests, swim in mountain streams, as we discover more about the magical world of nature through building natural shelters, making fires, and preparing food.

Campers gain self-esteem, work cooperatively and make new friends, as they gain confidence in both living and feeling at home in the natural world.  This is a camp where campers are truly looked after and cared about.  It is a safe place where kids can try new things and discover more about who they are.  Evenings are spent circled around the campfire telling stories, star gazing, laughing a lot.

Camp location :

Camp Site: Kamshet, Maharashtra.
The camp site is located about 20kms from Lonavala.From Mumbai it is 1 h 16 min (79.5 km) via Mumbai – Pune Expy.

It is a located next to a beautiful lake and is well equipped with up-to-date staying facilities, good quality food freshly cooked at the premises, hygienic drinking water facilities and bunch of efficient support staff.

Outline Itinerary:
Day 1: Camp arrival , Registrations, Activities
Day 2: Camp adventure activities
Day 3: Camp Cleaning and departure

For any queries, you can talk to our LAFL expert on
022 66096693 / 7718058351 (also what’s app) or ask for a Information Doc.



Day 1-Camp registration

Camp arrival , Registrations, Activities

Day 2 -Adventure activities

Camp adventure activities


Day 3 -Departure

Camp Cleaning and departure

Fixed Dates Departure For 2019 :

April   :  27th , 30th

May    :   1st , 4th , 10th , 25th

Childrens Adventure Camp
adventure camp
adventure camp
adventure camp
Childrens Adventure Camp

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 7 reviews
November 7, 2018

Thank you so much team. Saumya had a lovely time. It was her first camp and now she looks forward to more.

November 7, 2018

Thank you Prateek and team. Nikita had great fun. She says she’ll only consider going for the next camp if the same people conduct it. And she was quite appreciative of your sense of humour, and Harry’s musical talents too.

November 7, 2018

Thank you Prateek and team for fantabulous weekend for my daughter Bhuvana. She loved the experience… dog …puppy…waterfall…rainbow…and food too. Happy Diwali to all !!

November 7, 2018

Thank you Camp leaders and coordinators … what a team !! Fantastic venture. Looking forward for more.

November 7, 2018

Thanku Prateekji and your team to making this first experience for Geet a memorable one.
Geet had a blast. She is already looking forward to the next camp in december

November 7, 2018

Hi Prateek…
Anushka is looking forward to more camps.. and winning the coveted LAFL cap. Thank you for making her first camp experience a memorable one. Huge respect for the way you conduct the camp. Three cheers and more success to you all. Happy Diwali.

November 7, 2018

Siddharth is so happy. He enjoyed very much. Thanks Prateek, Harold Abhishek, Ranjana and all the kids to make this Camp a beautiful and memorable for Siddharth.

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