Adventure Day Out - international womens day

Adventure Day Out – International Women’s Day special

Celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY with ADVENTURE.  In support of International Women’s Day, adventure travel specialist Life Away From Life is organising an Adventure Day Out to inspire the adventurous female spirit.
1 day

Adventure Weekends near Mumbai

Adventure Weekends are designed to inculcate the adventure spirit in you or your family.Grab your backpacks, your sense of adventure, your passion for the outdoors, and plan an adventure weekend with us !
2 days

Andaman Island Scuba Diving Trip

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a breathtaking archipelago located east of India. Spread out over more than 800 km in the Bay of Bengal, it looks like the perfect tropical dream.
5 days

Bhutan Motorcycling Trip

A motorcycling adventure to Bhutan a land of snowcapped mountains, deep, broad valleys with fertile rice paddies and orchards, tiny villages and bustling market towns. Bhutan is a thoroughly exotic country that stimulates all of the senses.
8 Days

Bundi photography trip – Rajasthan

The photography trip to Bundi - an opportunity to grab your cameras (professional camera not required) and get to capture different aspects of life in different forms and moods!
3 days
Chadar trek
Hot Deals

Chadar Trek in Ladakh – Short

Experience the walk on the frozen Chadar lake at sub-zero temperatures, with our specialised Chadar Lake trek, only during the January - February season.
5 days

Chamser Kangri Peak Expedition

The Chamser Kangri trek gives a strong & fit trekker a chance of climbing a significant Himalayan peak, and writing themselves into history books without prior technical climbing experience.
11 Days

Children’s Butterfly Trek

Join us for this exciting Children's trek who are walking well to age eight. We will be exploring the Ransai forest near Mumbai.
1 day

Childrens Adventure Camp

The much awaited childrens adventure camp is back with a fresh exotic location and a bunch of all new adventure activities. This is a 3 day adventure camp filled with activities like Rock climbing, Rappelling, zip line coupled with sessions on rope knots, team building and plenty of adventure games.
3 days

Coorg Trek – Tadiyendamol

This beautiful trek through Tadiyendamol, the highest peak in Coorg district of Karnataka, takes you through coffee plantations and sandal wood trees, quiet hamlets, and temples.
3 days