Children’s Butterfly Trek

Join us for this exciting Children's trek who are walking well to age eight. We will be exploring the Ransai forest near Mumbai.
1 day

One day trek to Peb fort

Trekking Peb Fort (Vikatgad) an exciting trek during Monsoon. Hilltop fort structure reachable by a popular monsoon trek through lush greenery & waterfalls. The Peb fort is named after the Goddess Pebi at the base of the fort and VikatGad fort due to a shape of the mountain like Elephant Headed ‘Ganesha’. There are Caves having various meditation chambers
1 day
Peb Fort

Swachh Bharat trek to Peb Fort

Peb fort trek in Matheran Range is one of the few scenic treks which is close to the city, Located in the New Panvel region. Yet secluded frequently visited, the charm is to experience this trek in its full monsoon glory, along with the commanding views from the top and the roaring winds, is guaranteed to leave you mesmerized.
1 day
Nakhind ridge