What an awesome experience to ride from Guwahati to Arunachal Pradesh and back ( 1000 kms approx.) on a 350cc engine motorcycle, during the Ziro Music festival motorcycle trip 2019.


Wonderful co-riders made the journey more enjoyable – Shilpa Nalavade Kulkarni a professional Kathak dancer, Priti Jantre a film actress, Rajagopal – a geologist.



Attending the #ZiroFestivalofMusic was the icing on the cake of this trip.ziro motorcycle trip

ziro motorcycle trip Riding thru small villages in Ziro was a lifetime experience for me. The “Lal Chai” ( red tea) fuelled me quite often during the journey. The people there were laid back, content and mostly smiling.

Ziro motorcycle trip

It was tough and painful coming back from Ziro, I missed Ziro.
Memories of the wonderful place still lingers in my mind…

if u ever happen to visit Ziro…
hear the melancholy bird,
meet the paddy field workers,
visit the small hamlets,
climb the small hillocks,
drink the Lal Chai

don’t forget, to just stand still and soak the sunshine ,
don’t forget, to say hi to the ever smiling Apatani people,
don’t forget, to hear the winds sing…

and when u turn back to your city,
and then if u don’t miss Ziro,
it means u haven’t seen enough of Ziro.

go back again.

ziro motorcycle trip

Swachh Bharat Treks 

Clean the mountains initiative by Life Away From Life.

“When we clean the mountains, we are cleaning mother earth, we are cleaning our homes , we are cleaning ourselves” – Prateek Deo

The Swachh Bharat Trek to Nakhind ridge near Mumbai was  successful , on 24th Aug 2019.

The participants selflessly contributed in cleaning the mountain trail and simultaneously had fun while trekking.

swachh bharat treks swachh bharat treks  Swachh Bharat Treks


swachh bharat treks


Special thanks to Prasad Shetty – Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Stryde Medical, for sponsoring the gloves used for picking up the garbage , and more importantly also participating in this event.



Swachh Bharat Treks

I proudly announce the names of the participants who selflessly helped in cleaning this mountain trail :

Prasad Shetty, Anil Athri, Angeli Rajan, Ashwini Nakrani, Shivani Singh, Summi Tatak, Kushal Dewan, Dev Patel, Felix Raju, Shoaib Khalil, Chinmay Puranik, Nishanthini Karthikeyan, Jashank Kshirsagar, Yamini , Rutika Pawar, prateek deo gupta.



All participants would be given a certificate of achievement by Life Away From Life.


We proudly say that this trekking trail looks cleaner and beautiful now.

swachh bharat treks

imp note : the garbage collected from the mountains, was carefully disposed off in a Govt. dustbin in Panvel.

A heartfelt thanks to all for making this event successful. – Prateek Deo – CEO LAFL.

SwachhBharatTreks SwachhBharat lifeawayfromlife incredibleindia trekking CleanTheMountains


“When we clean the mountains, we are cleaning mother earth, we are cleaning our homes , we are cleaning ourselves” – Prateek Deo

swachh bharat treks

“The mountains are big, but a person with big heart you climb with, adds more value and meaning to your climb.”

There are so many mountains around, so many different routes to climb them, so many secrets of nature to share, so many species to introduce, so many trees to show, so many hidden jewels to find, so many properties of nature to discuss, so many ways to give help in forests, and so many ways to inspire different hearts while climbing.

peb fort trek

Mr. Prateek Deo Gupta, he is less like a CEO of Life Away From Life and more like a friend to every being he comes across. A man who believes in exploration. He wants people to explore themselves and the nature around them. He says, “I don’t want to change human lives, the choice is in their hands; I just want to inspire them.”

He has been tracing every trail possible, to find out the less travelled and most unique trail which leaves everlasting impact in traveler’s life.

He doesn’t miss any season to explore, because according to him, exploration doesn’t require any specific season. Any place that looks naturally so beautiful at a given period of time, one must never miss that precious time and the place too.



The monsoon winds bring with them the beauty of western ghats, a lot of greenery and freshness, a reason for rice to grow, a new hope for villagers and a special offer for us to trek the mountains and forts of Maharashtra.monsoon treks

He’s been looking forward to spread the beauty of this season to all Mumbaikars, staying two hours away from these mountains, by the mean of one day treks. He is born in Mumbai, but brought up by these Mountains of Maharashtra.

One day treks with him are so qualitative. A trek with him diverts your mind in nature’s direction and indirectly opens your heart for new adventures to come. Another trek with him to Peb fort inspired me even more. It made me realize, the mountains are big, but a person with big heart you climb with, adds more value and meaning to your climb.

  • Written by Ashwini Nakrani
  • Photo credits Priyal Thakkar, Angeli Rajan

peb fort trek

‘Father and Daughter, Husband and Wife and A Flock of Good Friends with Life Away From Life’

Indeed! You experience a different life away from your casual life when you move out to one of the most beautiful treks in the world.

It’s true that the season for adventure is all the year round, but monsoon treks in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra is the most unique activity and unbeatable experience in the world full of adventure.

Trek to the smallest hill station located on the mighty Western Ghats, Matheran is the Live heaven on earth, where vehicles do not run and everybody only walks.

This lovely two hours trek to Matheran begins from Dodhani, a small village which still believes in green paddy fields. The trek takes you through the simple lifestyle of the hill people of Maharashtra and then through different surprises of nature.

A small hut under a tree and besides green paddy fields, cattle grazing in open slopes of the mountain, waterfalls gushing down in excitement, noisy winds yet peaceful, mesmerising forest trails, rain showers and above all the panoramic views of the mountains from the sunset point of Matheran are the unique experiences this trek offers.

Treks do not ask people, what is your age, where do you come from, which language you speak or what is your motto in life; Anyone with zeal to connect with nature, to observe everything around and to learn and grow in a natural environment can trek anytime in their lifespan. Treks give you more than you expect from them.

matheran trek

Father and daughter, husband and wife and a flock of good friends joined us for Matheran trek yesterday. These wonderful people made the trek easy and more interesting. We understand the world even more better after meeting different people in a natural sphere.

You know what best one day trek did ?
It bound us all together in unity yet giving us freedom to be one self at the same time.

This is the beauty of one day treks in Maharashtra.

  • Written by Ashwini Nakarni a travel writer from Kutch, presently working for Life Away From Life as an Adventure travel Coordinator.

From sleeping in railway stations to pioneering adventure tourism in India. The inspiring story of Prateek Deo Gupta.

(This is a mesmerising journey of a person who dared to dream, went against the norm and turned his passion into a lucrative profession. Taking the interview of this very inspiring entrepreneur was an absolute delight).

It was late evening. The station felt damp and was almost empty. The bulb in the public phone booth was flickering. A son called up his father and finally confessed that to save money, while travelling, he had been sleeping in shabby railway stations and at times had to take in more water than food to kill his hunger. His father worriedly asked him what exactly he was doing with his life. Couldn’t he just go back to his cushy corporate job?

He could have. Easily. But he did not want to. Because although it was one helluva bumpy road, strangely, he started enjoying the struggle. Immensely.

“The water filters and the benches in the railway stations became my friends. I really started enjoying the struggle. I was happy. I did not care anymore. I was living my life and had the belief that all this would lead to something”.

I know it was not at all easy because in the early 2000s, owing to India’s economic liberalisation, multinationals and private companies were mushrooming all over the place and every other middle class person wanted to join them for better salaries and a better life. The whole country was going with that flow. A few of them, like this guy, dared to go against it.

Probably, this is what successful entrepreneurs are made of. When adventure holidays were almost unheard of, the internet was still a baby and the start-up culture and infrastructure was literally non-existent, a young Creative Director in the IT industry left his well-paid corporate job and followed his dreams to become a traveller and adventurer. Felicitated by the country’s Prime Minister, Prateek Deo Gupta is known as one of the pioneers of adventure holiday in India.

For the last 20 years, Prateek’s company Life Away From Life has been educating and taking individuals and corporate clients on adventure holidays and treks on motorbikes, cycles and foot to exotic locations like Ladakh, Meghalaya, Kerala, Coorg, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Antarctica, Mount Kilimanjaro, Turkey etc. just to name a few.

Whenever I see his LinkedIn updates of the beautiful pictures of the valleys, mountains, villages, the local food, people and culture, it completely stimulates me and fills me up with a desire to fly away to those places.

prateek deo

prateek deo

Ladakh Staying with the Locals

Why are you in the pictures of every trip?

One thing that the pictures struck me was that in almost every trip Prateek would be there. It made me realize that Prateek probably has not built his company in a way where he could be this CEO doing all the strategic stuffs while leaving the field trips to his employees.

I asked him the question. He answered. And I absolutely loved it.

Although Prateek has built this lucrative company where revenues have been growing year on year, his first love is still being with nature and meeting new people. He has been successful in finding that envious sweet spot where he is still living his passion hands-on and his passion is making money for him. He loves to travel. The only difference is that now he travels with a bunch of other people who pays him for taking them along with him.

It has actually turned out to be an excellent strategy. People and companies go to Prateek for this very personal touch.

“Balance sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts do not give me the kick. What gives me the ultimate kick is when customers thank me for giving them one of their best lifetime experiences. And that takes care of the balance sheets as well”. – Prateek

It gives Prateek a tremendous sense of satisfaction, purpose and happiness when his clients confess that the trips have had life-changing impacts on them. Some of them rediscovered themselves and some of them overcame their fears, phobias and illnesses.

The sense of purpose reached its peak when one of Prateek’s customers invited him to her wedding and told him that going on the trip to the hills and meeting new people completely changed something in her from the inside. In fact, if it was not for the trip, she would not have been probably standing there. Because before the trip, the girl was contemplating suicide.

The big question: how did you make it?

When I was talking with Prateek, I got the unmissable impression that this guy is like a free bird. Just carry on in the journey singing and playing, enjoy whatever life offers you and do what makes you happy without a care in the world.

However, behind this care-free impression is a thinking mind. Prateek left the IT world and joined an adventure travel company as a Coordinator for a year. In his effort to learn about the business he did all sorts of work including the menial ones like picking up customers’ luggage etc.

“If you want to learn about a business, you have to start from the very grass root level. You have to learn the basics. That’s where you understand what the customer likes or does not like.” – Prateek

Thereafter, he left his job and went on to travel all across the country over the next few years. This was year 2000 and he was about 28 years old.

“If I had to take people to these places, I myself needed to know these places first.” – Prateek

Those days, the internet being at its nascency, data was not available like how it is today. Prateek displayed tremendous foresightedness in collecting data manually. During his travels, with a pencil and a notebook, he took notes of each and every minute details. For example, on a particular route where could one find hot drinks or snacks to eat etc. (remember, these are remote locations and there were no smartphone those days). This manual database turned out to be the key in building his business and delighting his customers.

In 2001, he did his first trip with clients to Ladakh in a no profit/no loss basis to test his idea. However, it would not be until 2007 when Life Away From Life started seeing revenues skyrocketing, ending Prateek’s immense struggle of 6 years.

What struggle did you face? How did you manage your financial needs?

Adventure holiday was very new and majority of the Indians did not quite relate to it. A massive challenge was to educate people on adventure tourism. This made business sluggish. It led to the bigger challenge of dwindling finances. Prateek’s savings were almost exhausted and he was struggling with money to continue the business. The start-up infrastructure being non-existent, he did not have any access to investments.

To manage his financial needs, Prateek played in a rock band, freelanced as a tourist guide for other companies, sang in restaurants, wrote for magazines and also sold his travel data to international travel magazines. He did all of this so that Life Away From Life could continue to keep its head above water. In 2007, thanks to the increase in internet usage in India, his business boomed, and revenues increased by 1500%.

“The key to success is the combo of being happy and working hard. If you really enjoy the struggle, the process and the journey and work hard, the universe would conspire to give you what you want.” – Prateek

I asked how did he handle the pressure of not having money on one hand and on the other hand, seeing his friends buy cars and houses? How did he remain so laser-focussed?

Apart from his passion, self-belief and the fact that he started enjoying the struggles, there was something else that helped him. A marvellous lesson got opened before me.

Prateek had taken a course in mountaineering.

“In mountaineering, the thing that was drilled into my head was that when I had to go from Point A to Point B, my focus had to be zeroed in on only that part of the journey and not beyond. That conditioned me tremendously to be in the moment”.

Prateek’s career high came when he was felicitated by the country’s most ever loved and respected Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, while doing a cycle trip of 2500 kilometers from Mumbai to Haridwar (picture below – second from left in black).

prime minister felicitation


Finally, what made you go for adventure tourism?

A picture!

Prateek, in his younger days, came across a picture cut out of a magazine. It always took him back to his childhood when his father, who was a painter, often used to take Prateek and his family to the hills so that his father could paint. This instilled a very strong affinity in Prateek towards nature.

Although Prateek was doing well in his corporate job, he was not happy from within. The thing that invaded his mind again and again almost every night was the picture. Of a man holding a cup of hot coffee in his hand while standing near a tent in a serene hill overseeing a beautiful landscape. Like a free bird discovering “life” to the fullest.

Prateek wanted to be that man in the picture for the rest of his life. And he became.

He starved, bled, toiled, cried, laughed, got dusted and dirty. But he finally became.


Note: Prateek Deo Gupta lives in Mumbai and is a father of twins – one boy and one girl.


Written by :

aninda baruaAninda Baruah

Product Management/AgileEnthusiast/Blogger/Author
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Mentok Kangri Expedition 2016

Mentok is the Tibetan name of a wild flower growing in the Ladakh region during the summer season. Mentok Kangri, located in the Rupshu plateau in Eastern Ladakh, lies south of the village of Korzok and is at 6250 metres. The peak offers some breath-taking and stunning views of the landscapes of Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes.
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Kang Yatse-II

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Life Away From Life organises 3 exciting motorcycle trips around India for the year 2019.

  1. Myanmar Motorcycle trip

This unique trip will cover Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya and Myanmar over a period of 9 days. This trip will start from Guwahati and end at Guwahati.
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2) Ride on the Moon

An Experiential motorcycle trip within Ladakh. You would be riding, in and around Leh, between beautiful valleys and besides stunning lakes.
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3) Kumaon Motorcycle Trip

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The wait is over, here comes

The most scenic routes, the quietest roads, remains of the ancients, the coast and the mountains ..

Our route takes in Freshwater Lakes, Sulphur Springs, visit to Turtle Sanctuary, Coastal Lagoons, Mountain Villages, a private boat trip across the bay of Göcek to Fethiye, lunch at a village home, Turkey’s longest Canyon, Hilltop Ancient Cities, Alpine-like mountain ascents, Village Homestay, UNESCO sites, sunset on a totally undeveloped 18 km Beach, visit the site of Patara, Roman capital of Lycia, ride the spectacular coast road to Kaş, the pearl of the Turquoise coast. This bike tour visits Dalyan, Koycegiz, Sultaniye, Göcek,Fethiye, Minare, Saklikent, Tlos, Sutlegen, Patara, Kalkan and Kas.

turkey cycling

– comfortable hotels, Village home-stay, all meals.
– Tour is fully supported with guide/mechanic, support vehicle.
– Total of 325 Km of riding over 6 days. Terrain is a good mix of flat, undulating and some days mountainous riding. Rides are do-able by any fit person of most ages.

Date : October 2019
Batch size : 10 people.
for more details & costing : Whats app +91 7718058351
email : lifeawayfromlife2019@gmail.com

A Life Away From Life trip
#lifeawayfromlife #TurkeyCycling #cyclinglife

Turkey Cycling

Festive Discounts offer

We offer some exciting festive discounts on trips  for the Festive season.

Here are few festive discounts trips :

1: Winter Snow Trek in Rumbak valley in Ladakh :

INR 25000/-  INR 15000/-

snow trekking in ladakh

Winter snow trek in the Rumbak valley is an out-of-the-world and once in a life time experience.If you desire to do trekking in snow , then winters is the best time to trek in the Ladakh region of India.

We plan for an exciting winter snow trek in the Rumbak valley in Ladakh, during Jan/Feb/March 2019.

Date : 8th Feb 2019

read more http://bit.ly/RumbakSnowTrek


2: Singalila ridge trek , Darjeeling

INR 17800/-  INR 15000/-

Sandakphu Trek

Trek along with Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse and a grand Himalayan panorama of more than 20 other peaks. Swing along the border trails between India and Nepal. Walk through the clouds and rhododendron forest, in the Singalila National Park, to climb Sandakphu, the highest peak of West Bengal.

Date : 30th Oct 2018

Read more http://bit.ly/SandakphuTrek

3: Great Rann of Kutch experience , Gujarat


INR 20000/-  INR 17000/-

Great Rann of Kutch


A full moon experience on the Great Rann of Kutch is a lifetime experience.
Life Away From Life plans an exclusive trip for photographers, adventure lovers, curious travelers.

Date : 21st Dec 2018

Read more : http://bit.ly/GreatRann


for further inquiries call us on +91 7718058351 ( whats app also) or write to lifeawayfromlife2018@gmail.com

3 most exciting cycling trips to end the year 2018.

by Life Away From Life


1: Coastal Cycling trip near Mumbai

– 3 days 2 nights : October

Maharashtra Coastal Cycling

The Maharashtra Coastal Cycling route is considered to be one of the best cycling routes in India. Dotted with golden beaches, picturesque creeks, solitary lighthouses, ancient forts, stunning cliffs and charming fishing hamlets, many of them still remain the way nature sculpted them.

read more : http://bit.ly/CoastalCycling


2: Rajasthan Rural cycling trip   : Bikaner to Jodhpur

–6 days 5 nights : November / December

rajasthan cycling

If you are looking cycling on the roads along the desert , visiting the rural desert villages , meeting their people, eating their cuisine, stay in tents on the dunes, then this Rajasthan cycling tour from Bikaner to Jodhpur is a perfect ultimate trip.

read more : http://bit.ly/BikanerCycling


3: Vietnam to Cambodia cycling trip

– 12 days 11 nights : 23rd Nov 2018.

vietnam cycling

Experience the freedom of cycling, as we make our way through two of Southeast Asia’s most diverse and fascinating countries, and the famous temples of Angkor.

read more:  http://bit.ly/CambodiaCycling




for further inquiries u can contact :

Life Away From Life : +91 7718058351 ( whats app also)

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