LAFL runs life-changing adventure retreats in some of the most iconic and transformational destinations on earth. If you are looking to rekindle you inner fire, reconnect with your passions, and retake control of your life through challenging physical adventures, immersive cultural experiences, and powerful conversations with like-minded travellers — all within a supportive environment created and facilitated by your LAFL Program Leader — then our Adventures are for you!

Explore our different program options below. You can sign up for one of our set departure programs or create your own customized Adventure Retreat for you and your friends!


A) OUTINGS bac-33

LAFL Outings are half- or full-day programs that combine exciting adventures such as hiking, surfing, or kayaking with powerful group conversations and personal reflection activities that focus on a specific theme or topic such as Creating Balance in Life, Finding New Perspectives, or Letting Go of Fear. You’ll to have a great time, make new friends, enjoy the beauty of nature, and have some much-needed time away from the busyness of life to reconnect with yourself!

Letting go off fears :

Stepping out of your comfort zones and challenging yourself to do something new can be scary. You know what’s even scarier? Living your life in fear, not chasing your dreams, and letting limiting beliefs hold you back! If you’re ready to break through and let go of those fears to create the life that you want, these Retreats are for you!



Getaways are powerful 2—5 day retreats in locations throughout India that give you a chance to dive deeply into a guided journey of personal exploration and discovery. All Getaways include exciting and challenging physical adventures, opportunities for cultural immersion, facilitated group discussions and personal reflection activities, optional one-on-one coaching, and optional morning yoga and/or meditation. You’ll explore the world, make new friends, and reconnect with yourself!



LAFL expeditions are 7—14 day programs that give you an opportunity to disconnect from the busyness of life and re-connect with yourself as you immerse yourself in an extended adventure retreat experience. Every LAFL Expedition includes a carefully crafted combination of physical adventures, cultural experiences, group discussions, and personal reflection activities. Our


LAFL Program Leaders will guide and support you as you explore where you are in your life’s journey, create a detailed vision of the life that you want, and develop an action plan for making that vision a reality!

Ranging from 1-day to over 2 weeks, our Adventures retreats are for you if you want to:

  • Explore the world in a fun yet meaningful way
  • Immerse yourself in and learn about different cultures
  • Challenge yourself with exciting adventure activities
  • Push your comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment
  • Go on a guided journey of personal exploration and discovery
  • Engage in inspirational conversations and group discussions
  • Take much-needed time for reflection and introspection
  • Work one-on-one with a LAFL Program Leader and coach
  • Create a strategic action plan for transforming your life
  • Make new life-long friends and travel companions




Travel can be a rewarding and transformational experience. When you get out of your head, out of your comfort zones, and into the world, amazing things tend to happen: Perspectives shift, creativity is unleashed, and things that once seemed like insurmountable challenges become incredible opportunities for growth. At LAFL , we leverage the transformational power of travel by combining carefully curated adventures with inspirational and authentic group conversations and one-on-one coaching to give you a truly life-changing experience.


Our mission is to transform lives through adventure retreats … to open eyes

, hearts, and minds through personal and cultural exploration and discovery …to challenge our travellers to push their comfort zones to see what they are truly capable of … and to inspire and empower travellers to change their own lives, their communities, and the world.